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Bryan Jurewicz

Commercial Real Estate?

Even with the stock markets reaching higher levels and some positive news in the economy, there are still rumblings about whether or not there is a commercial real estate bubble that has yet to burst. We have heard concerns from clients across various markets who have diversified their projects into health care and civil work to stay ahead of any commercial real estate concerns.

At, we recently outgrew our old offices and witnessed firsthand how aggressive commercial building owners are getting to attract new tenants. The incentives included everything from rent abatement and interior build-outs. This makes choosing office space much easier, but is also concerning in the bigger picture. The good news is that according to information released last month on the MIT website ( there was slight upward tick in the Commercial Property Price Index in January.

What is your market experiencing? Are you looking to move into new areas? We have helped companies grow their construction businesses by becoming more efficient within their operations, chasing more projects in less time, developing new relationships through the network and moving into new sectors where they previously had not worked. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to share your experiences. We may even include your company in the next issue of BeamerBoons.

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