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Contractor Database

Over 330,000 companies strong and growing...
One of biggest challenges facing communication in the construction industry today is locating and maintaining accurate contact information. gives contractors the tools to overcome this challenge by offering them the only fully managed contact database in the construction industry.’s unique system architecture, coupled with our dedicated database support staff ensures a message delivery rate of more than 98%. Contractors throughout North America rely on our contact database everyday to support and grow their organizations by giving them solid peace of mind that their contact information is the most up-to-date anywhere and the freedom to pursue all projects, regardless of geographic location.

Construction Qualifications’s electronic qualification tool
allows you to pre-qualify candidates.. Our screening process gives you the information you need in order to determine which contractors make the grade and which don’t. Our tool is the culmination of over nine years of deep industry experience and extensive input from general contractors throughout North America. In today’s construction landscape, it is imperative that you have the information you need to make informed, accurate decisions.’s electronic qualifications portal and suite of other tools provide you with the resources to access, manage, and monitor all your critical business information with security and confidence.

CONNECT to more profits with's Secure, Anytime, Anywhere Access...

  • Organize, Manage, Search, Filter & Sort Contractors
  • Exchange Construction Qualifications Electronically
  • Expand Your Construction Network
  • Market Your Capabilities
  • Track Vendor Ratings
  • Improve Bid Results & Rise Above the Competition

Construction Documents goes way beyond a traditional Construction plan room, FTP site, or document hosting software
. Our technology and support services have been designed to be the most efficient method for securely sharing critical project details. We put the control of information in user's hands and provide the solid back-up of customer support to ensure everything is available at anytime and from anywhere. Construction documents may be shared instantly without restriction to size, quantity or file-type and there are no costs for viewing or downloading. GradeBeamers even have access to On-Screen-Take Off tools, and any blueprinter can be linked to a project for co-ordinating hard copy plans and specifications. Since no projects are ever erased from, there is a permanent record of bidding history, message delivery and document tracking to provide full accountability for all activity. Projects can also be easily copied to get a “jump-start” on new jobs by using the same sub bidders or modifying the trade coverage and making any adjustments desired.


Tapping into the robust power of our communications network, tracks, updates and resends all of your correspondences to ensure every message gets delivered, every time. We also deactivate “out-of-business” contractors to minimize waste in future correspondence. Our support team manages a public profile on over 330,000 companies—including name, address, phone, fax, email, public contact, trades, certifications and pre-qualification forms. If some subs work exclusively for you, they may be kept “private” in our network and remain accessible only to your account/users. When it comes to confidential data being shared, each member—or "GradeBeamer"—can maintain a private profile on each contractor, which includes private contacts, phone/fax, emails, notes, and the ability to create “custom” search criteria/groups.  This allows them to organize companies based on how they differentiate one sub from another. Also, invitations may be directed to specific contacts and sent to multiple companies, if desired.